"Are you tired of chasing people down? Ennis follows up like no one else."

Ennis Julian

Executive Marketing Leader


What are People Saying?

Clients, Colleagues and Employers Speak Up

“Ennis demonstrates extreme flexibility and a positive attitude. She sees even the toughest problem as simply a challenge.”

“Over the years I have come to rely on Ennis to provide me what I need, in the time frame I need it.”

“Ennis treats her staff with courtesy and respect while making sure that the work assigned to them is accurate and complete.”

“I have found Ennis to be a person of high integrity, knowledgeable about her market and her products.”

“I highly recommend Ennis for any position or project. She’s personable, professional, timely and innovative. She knows how to set goals and objectives, and she uses all the tools in her arsenal to meet or exceed them.”

“Even when challenges or mid-stream changes are presented, Ennis makes the process go smoothly. She always goes above and beyond in creativity, strategy and is quick to recommend any other measures she thinks will improve our ROI and customer retention.”

“In my humble opinion, working with Ennis is always a joy, and not once have I ever been disappointed.”

“Ennis’ professionalism and customer service is unmated.”

“Professional, courteous and responsive, I continue to be thoroughly impressed with Ennis and recommend her without hesitation.”

“I am amazed over the great quality of service that Ennis provides. I take great pride in professional and quality products, and I always get that from her.”

“Ennis stands behind her work and gives 110% to getting the project done.”

“Bright, dedicated and skilled, Ennis garners my unequivocal recommendation. She is ready and fully prepared to assume any duties of any services needed.”

“Ennis is creative and has proven results in being able to get her clients in front of their market. She understands her clients needs.”

“What I enjoy about working with Ennis is the way she is always up to date on the latest trends in the industry.”

“Ennis is extremely creative, wonderful to work with and very flexible.”

“Ennis will always respect her clients, her employers and her vendors in everything she does. You can count on Ennis to deliver.”

“Our management team members know that we can always rely on the professional quality of Ennis’s services from conception of a general idea to project completion.”

“In both her personal and professional life, Ennis always performs with the highest level of integrity and courage, always getting the job done without letting obstacles stand in her way.”

“Ennis always supplies superb overall service.”

“Ennis delivers on time every time and within budget. We also value her flair for translating confusing technological concepts into ideas that are easier to understand.”

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  • Kenyatta Robinson
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