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Creative Direction

  • Initiation of complete creative development programs for each brand and account with the potential to outperform the brand’s current advertising
  • Leading a team with a high priority on the origination and development of fresh concepts
  • Ensure that weak creative executions are not pursued and strong concepts are fully developed
  • Ensure the right creative staff is working on appropriate projects
  • Ensure the timely development and execution of plans, campaigns and projects to assure earnings, growth and profit goals are achieved
  • Plan, develop and defend budget recommendations, goal, analysis and training requirements necessary to provide profitable and quality service to clients
  • Provide detailed information and cost estimates to ensure accurate data on which to plan and develop functional objectives and budgets leading to stable and profitable accounts
  • Oversee creative consultation with team to assure appropriate creative strategies, accuracy of input, schedules, budgets, production support, reviews and client presentations